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Brodit 2 part solution

Car Phone Holder

If you are looking for the best car phone holder then look no further than Brodit 

The Brodit phone holder solution consists of 2 parts:

  1. A vehicle specific ProClip mount - these clip into your dashboard and are non-damaging 😎
  2. A holder for your phone 📱

Brodit car phone holders are available for most of the latest phones including Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel and many more.

If your phone has a protective case?

The Brodit phone holders are a perfect 'no wobble' fit. IF you have a protective case on your phone no problem!  Choose a holder designed for use with a protective case.  These are easily adjusted with a screwdriver to create your own perfect fit holder. Phone holders for use with a protective case

MagSafe for your car? Sure. 

Simply choose your vehicle ProClip mount then combine with a Brodit mount for the Apple MagSafe charger:

 /live/productlinks/Brodit_Car_Phone_Holder_MagSafe_Mount.jpg  /live/productlinks/Brodit_Car_Phone_Holder_MagSafe_Mount_with_Phone_02.jpg

Brodit car mount for MagSafe charger 

Just insert your own Apple MagSafe charger (Apple article no. MHXH3ZM/A) and tighten leaving the MagSafe charger secure and ready for use.  Note the charger is not included and remember the iPhone should be in a MagSafe protective case. 

Brodit Magnetic Charger 

Alternatively the Brodit magnetic charger is compatible with Apple MagSafe devices and MagSafe accessories.  Its black in colour and will keep your MagSafe device secure when driving.  The MagSafe charger is compatible with the following Apple devices:

/live/productlinks/Brodit_Car_Phone_Holder_Magnetic_Wireless_Charger.jpg  /live/productlinks/Brodit_Car_Phone_Holder_Magnetic_Wireless_Charger_with_Phone_Charging.jpg

Note the iPhone models above should be naked 😳 or in an Apple approved MagSafe protective case!

Don't forget to choose a ProClip mount for your vehicles dashboard here

Also don't forget your MagSafe car charger will need power, so consider this when choosing the ProClip position for routing the cable!

Cable management

Keep it neat with Brodit cable management clips available in packs of 4