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Brodit 2 part solution

Brodit Holder

With new phones and tablets coming out every year, it can be challenging to keep your commute safe and efficient while also keeping your devices from bouncing around on the seat and floor.

You need a flexible, cost effective device mounting solution that can keep up with the fast pace of digital change, and that’s BRODIT.

Brodit makes it easier and safer to use navigation tools and touch screens with its two-part solution that is custom to both the vehicle and the device. 

The first part is a vehicle mount that clips tightly into the seams of your dashboard for a secure hold and built-in-look. No disassembly of the dash or drilling is required so installation is a snap and easy for anyone to do in minutes and to maximize accessibility and functionality, Brodit offers multiple positions for most vehicles.

The second part of the solution is the Holder. Grooves in the sidewalls provide a secure hold yet allow easy docking and removal all while keeping a low profile. And, thanks to the holder’s tilt-swivel, you can rotate and angle your device as desired. Other features such as built-in charging or locking options are also available. 

Want to improve your productivity?

Take your device beyond the car with a variety of other solutions for your office or at home. Add a move clip and you can quickly move between mounts or switch out devices. Because Brodit uses the standardized AMPS hole pattern, you can mix and match with third party mounts and holders.

Each mount and holder is made to last. That’s because they are milled and hand formed in Sweden from high-grade plastics to ensure quality and durability.

With more than 8,000 different Brodit vehicle mounts and device holders being used in more than 30 countries, Brodit is sure to have a solution for you. 

Stop fumbling around and use Brodit today!

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