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Brodit 2 part solution

Phone Holder

The Brodit solution is a 2 part system consisting of a Brodit holder and Brodit ProClip. A Brodit Holder is device specific and manufactured to fit your device perfectly. The Brodit ProClip is vehicle specific, non damaging and when fitted creates a secure flat plastic plate ready to have the holder attached.

Holder search

Start by choosing a holder for your device by selecting your device make and model from the Brodit holder search.

Brodit holders are available as non-charging, known as Passive, or Active with integrated charging.  With a passive holder you are still able to insert your own charging cable.

Brodit holders are generally device specific and fit perfectly.  If your device has a protective case then you should choose a holder that is labelled as adjustable.  These are adjusted with a screwdriver to create your own perfect fit holder for your device in its case.


If you already have a holder and are just changing your vehicle then you can skip straight to the ProClip search.



Any questions?

Our UK based live chat is available Monday to Friday 0900-1700 (excluding holidays) in the bottom right of your screen, alternatively call our customer services on 01905 677555 or use the contact form to send your enquiry.

Click here to choose your Brodit holder for your device