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Over 40 years experience in manufacturing

The Brodit story begins in June 1983...

Swedish taxi driver, Ebbe Johansson, had bought his first mobile phone and was sitting in his car trying to figure out where to place the receiver. Back then, mobile phones were not as handy as they are today, with a receiver the size of a brick, so it was not easy to find a place for it in the car.

After his shift, Ebbe went home to his garage and bent a piece of plastic, which he attached to the dashboard. Perfect! The receiver was placed in easy reach without blocking anything, firmly in place, without having damaged the interior. From this day, the first ProClip was born…


Image: 80s Brodit fitting instructions graphic.
Ebbe's solution was soon noticed by his colleagues; needless to say, it wasn't long before he was constructing mounting brackets for them. The demand grew further, to which Ebbe founded Brodit; a company which today, employs around 100 people and exports to over 30 countries.

Throughout the years, the product range has widened and thousands of holders have been produced for phones from the leading manufacturers, including Apple, Google and Samsung, plus Satellite Navigation aids such as TomTom and Garmin.

To meet the wide-ranging requirements of a variety of sectors, Brodit manufactures practical and robust device mounting solutions for printer mounts, payment terminals, stock-management devices and two-way radios. That means vehicles within sectors such as: agriculture, emergency services, warehouse & logisitcs, fleet, taxi & private hire and home delivery are fitted with a Brodit two-part solution.

Ebbe is now enjoying retirement after 35 years of Brodit!

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