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Please choose the Apple you own

Now you have chosen your device's brand please choose the model of your mobile phone, sat nav, computer or other device below:

iPad 10.2 7th Gen (A2197, A2198, A2200)
iPad 10.2 8th Gen (A2428, A2429, A2430, A2270)
iPad 10.2 9th Gen (A2602, A2603, A2604, A2605)
iPad 10th Gen (A2696, A2757, A2777)
iPad 2 (A1395, A1396, A1397)
iPad 3rd Gen (A1416, A1430, A1403)
iPad 4th Gen (A1458, A1459, A1460)
iPad 5th Gen (A1822, A1823)
iPad 9.7 6th Gen (A1893, A1954)
iPad 9.7 New
iPad Air (A1474, A1475, A1476)
iPad Air 2 (A1566, A1567)
iPad Air 2019
iPad Air 3rd Gen (A2123, A2152, A2153, A2154)
iPad Air 4th Gen (A2072, A2316, A2324, A2325)
iPad Air 5th Gen (A2588, A2589, A2591)
iPad Mini (A1432, A1454, A1455)
iPad Mini 2 (A1489, A1490, A1491)
iPad Mini 2019
iPad Mini 3 (A1599, A1600)
iPad Mini 4 (A1538, A1550)
iPad Mini 5th Gen (A2124, A2125, A2126, A2133)
iPad Mini 6th Gen (A2567, A2568, A2569)
iPad Mini Retina
iPad Pro 10.5 (A1701, A1709)
iPad Pro 11 2018 (A1980, A2013, A1934, A1979)
iPad Pro 11 2020 2nd Generation (A2068, A2230)
iPad Pro 11 2021 3rd Generation (A2301, A2459)
iPad Pro 11 2022 4th Generation (A2759, A2761)
iPad Pro 12,9 2018 (A1876, A1895, A1983, A2014)
iPad Pro 12.9 (A1584, A1652, A1670, A1671)
iPad Pro 12.9 2020 (A2069, A2232, A2229)
iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen 2021 (A2378, A2379, A2461)
iPad Pro 12.9 6th Gen 2022 (A2436. A2764. A2437)
iPad Pro 9.7 (A1673, A1674, A1675)
iPad With Retina (Lightning Connector)
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Mini
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 14
iPhone 14 Plus
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone Xs
iPhone Xs Max
iPhone 11
iPod 5th Generation Video 60 GB
iPod 5th Generation Video 80 GB
iPod Photo 40 GB
iPod Photo 60 GB
iPod Touch
iPod Touch 2nd Generation
iPod Touch 3rd Generation
iPod Touch 4th Generation