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Brodit 2 part solution

Brodit - The Two Part Mounting Solution You Can Install Yourself

How the Brodit ProClip system worksKeep your mobile, iPhone, Sat Nav or other device in easy reach and remain safe and legal with this neat installation.

There are 2 high quality parts:
1. A brodit holder for your mobile phone, iPhone or Sat Nav.
2. A mount for your vehicle

Start by using the drop down menus on Step 1 and Step 2 of our Brodit wizard.

A Passive or Active holder makes it much easier to use your device in your vehicle. Keep your phone in a Brodit holder and you will always have it in easy reach for safety and convenience!

Brodit- Always a freshly charged battery

The ideal choice for those who frequently use their mobile phones. Your device will charge when inserted into a Brodit holder. The holder is designed with a tilt swivel, this means that you can adjust the mobile phone in order to avoid reflections on the display. The holders are designed to perfectly fit a range of devices from Blackberry, Samsung and Apple.

Attach the holder onto one of our ProClip mounting platforms and you will have your mobile phone in an easy to reach, safe and convenient place.

A Wide range of Brodit Products

The holders are available for the majority of phone models. There are also holders available for Satellite Navigation devices and in car TV mounts. Holders are available with various features from Passive to more advanced solutions for fixed installation. A customized holder is usually ready when a new model appears on the market.

Safer Driving

Avoid any risks and dangers with the unique system that keeps your phone in an easy to reach position whilst enabling a safer driving environment.

Higher Quality

The holders have a perfect fit and provide a firm and trusted installation. It is easy to place the device in the holder and also remove when required.

Brodit Passive holders

These are available for the majority of mobile phone models including the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as the Sat Nav. Handsets can easily be inserted to keep safe when travelling and also within easy reach. The swivel mount on the reverse of the holder will also allow the user to point the holder towards the driver and away from any glare from the sun.

Brodit Active Charging holders

These will charge your mobile phone, Sat Nav, iPhone or other devices. These are available with a cig plug to be used with vehicles 12v socket and will charge when connected to the car and the device is inserted.

The Active Charging Holder is also available with a 2A thermal fuse for a fixed neat installation. A professional installation is strongly advised for this and contact for further details.


A Brodit ProClip is a dashboard mounting bracket for installation of holders, mounting adaptors and other accessories. Keep your communication devices attached to the dashboard in a secure and convenient way – always in sight and reach!

Improved Quality

The ProClip mounting platform has been produced and developed by Brodit AB since 1983.

A Wider Range

The ProClip is available for most vehicles including trucks and a new ProClip is usually ready when a new vehicle is launched.

Does Not Damage the Interior

The interior of the vehicle will not be damaged as no drilling holes are required and no dismantling of the dashboard.

Saves Time

With easy installation and no tools required, the ProClip will save you time. Detailed instructions together with images are included with every ProClip.

Many Alternatives

The ProClip has a firm fit. There are ProClips to suit various positions on the dashboard or console, giving you options for positioning and making several different installations in the vehicle.

Safer Driving

With your device attached to the ProClip it is always within easy reach enabling a safer driving environment while operating your device.

Brodit Proclip Video