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Zebra Technologies has developed the ET4x series of tablets to be an out of the box enterprise rugged tablet, for indoor and outdoor use, and the ET6x series which provides the ultimate in rugged tablets for the most punishing environments.

Brodit has developed a holder for the Zebra ET40, ET45, ET60 and ET65 series of enterprise tablets to maximise efficiency in the workplace by keeping the device in sight and easily reachable.

Accessories and Compatibility

Made of strong ABS plastic and customised to fit the dimensions of the tablets, the Brodit holders for the Zebra ET40, Zebra ET45, Zebra ET60 and Zebra ET65 are a perfect fit solution. For added security, the holders come with a spring-lock and key-lock options. There are both AMPS and VESA 75 hole patterns for mounting compatibility.



Where connectivity is concerned, USB-C 3.1 offers rapid- charging and high-speed data transfer simultaneously. The range of tablets can easily be integrated with a range of accessories via USB Hubs or splitters that support ethernet, USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, 3.5mm audio and more.


Mounting Options

There are a wide range of applications in an equally wide range of industries for the Zebra ET4x series and Zebra ET6x series and the Brodit holders for these devices can be mounted on pedestals or flat surfaces within these environments to support the user of the device- from forklift to ferry.

Browse the range of holders for the Zebra ET40 8 , Zebra ET40 10 , Zebra ET45 8, Zebra ET45 10, Zebra ET60 and Zebra ET65.

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