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Find your Brodit

Samsung Galaxy S10 S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ Brodit holder's are custom made to fit your phone perfectly, keeping it safe and secure. 

For devices in a protective case, choose an adjustable holder, checking that the size of your device in its case fit between the displayed measurements. The adjustable Brodit holders can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver to the correct width for your phone.  Once set at the correct width, they should be tightened and will then stay in position, providing a perfect fit mounting solution for your device.

Adjustable holders are available as Passive, non charging or Active, with built in Micro USB Type C charging.

Don't forget! The Brodit system consists of 2 parts, the holder for the device, then a ProClip mount. 

The Brodit ProClip is a non-damaging vehicle specific mount, and when fitted provides a bracket to attach the holder.  Use the Brodit ProClip search to see the options available for your vehicle.

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