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Brodit 2 part solution

Zebra Device Holders

The Brodit range of holders and mounts for Zebra workforce devices will enable you to mount your device in any location.  Holders are available as either passive, non charging, or active which have built in charging. With your Zebra device in a Brodit holder it will always remain secure.

Brodit holders are available for all Zebra devices including the Zebra TC25, TC56, TC77 and Zebra ET50 8.3 and the Zebra ET50 10.1 tablet.  These robust device holders are designed to be used in the toughest of conditions.

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Zebra TC20/TC25 Brodit holder/live/productquicklinks/712019_300.jpg

The Brodit active charging holder for the Zebra TC25 with charging plug is both 12/24v compatible. The device will begin to charge when inserted into the holder and connected to a power source. Also compatible with the Zebra TC20.

This robust holder is attached to a tilt swivel, allowing the holder to be adjusted 20° in every direction in order to avoid light reflection with the AMPS pattern on the reverse making it compatible with many mounting platforms allowing it to be mounted in vans, trucks, HGV's, fork lift trucks and other warehouse machinery. 



Zebra TC56 Desktop Charger

The Brodit charging dock is a convenient way to ensure your device is always charged in the workplace.

As soon as the device is securely docked in the holder, the Zebra device will begin to charge.  The Brodit charging dock for the Zebra TC56 is also compatible with the Zebra TC51 and Zebra TC57 for a device both with and without the original protective boot/skin.



Brodit are the chosen solution for many councils, utility and courier companies throughout the UK. 

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