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Brodit 2 part solution

Wireless Charging

The Brodit wireless charging car phone holders are designed to keep your mobile phone fully charged and ready to go no matter how long your drive is!

There are a variety of holders available and we are positive that we have what you are looking for! Whether it’s the perfect fit for your phone, or you need a holder adjusts to fit a phone with a protective case, or you just want to upgrade to a holder that is modern, sleek and compact.

Qi Wireless Charger:

The Qi wireless charging holder is only compatible with certain devices.

 There are a variety of dedicated Brodit wireless phone holders for the Apple devices. These include:

The Qi wireless holders are also available for Samsung Galaxy devices such as:

These holders are NOT for use with a protective case.

Adjustable Wireless Charger:

Is your phone not listed above? Have a protective phone case? Fret not!

There is an option for phones that are not listed above, or you don’t want the hassle of removing your protective phone case every time you use the holder.

Choose a Brodit Adjustable Qi wireless car phone holder is what you need to keep your device charged to its full potential, whilst maintaining it protected. It blends perfectly into the interior of your car and can easily be adjusted to the size of your phone for easy insertion and removal. 

The Brodit adjustable wireless holder can be attached to a tilt swivel through a 4-prong ratchet system. Not only will this keep your car phone holder ‘wobble free’ and stable, but it will also prevent it from falling whilst you drive, and potentially distracting you.

Magnetic Wireless Charger:

Explore new and innovative ways to charge your phone on the go, with a Brodit Magnetic wireless car phone charger.

The Brodit Magnetic Charger is a minimalistic option for devices that are compatible with Apple MagSafe devices and MagSafe accessories. These include the:

The magnetic charger is black in colour which will keep your dashboard looking neat. It also comes in various forms:

Please note that your Apple iPhone should NOT have a protective case or should have an Apple approved MagSafe Protective case. 

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