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Brodit 2 part solution

Wireless Chargers

The Brodit wireless charging in-car phone holder is Qi certified and designed for a perfect fit.

There is a Brodit wireless charging phone holder for the Apple iPhone 12 range of devices, as well as previous generations including the Apple iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Brodit wireless charging holder for Apple devices charges at an impressive 7.5W via the USB-A charging lead and is available with power from a car charger or bare wires for a professional fixed installation. 

For Samsung devices there is a solution for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+.

The wireless charging holder for Samsung devices offers fast 15W wireless charging when connected to either the green coloured QC 3.0A output on the included car charger or hard wired into the vehicle.

A wireless charging holder for the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ is currently in development and will be available soon. Please register your interest by becoming a Brodit subscriber here.  

Brodit holders should be attached to a Brodit ProClip mount.  These are a vehicle specific bracket and attach to the dashboard.  Non damaging, they fit into the seams of your dashboard and use the search below to see the options for your vehicle:

Click here to choose a Brodit ProClip for your vehicle