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Brodit 2 part solution

Brodit ProClip

Brodit ProClip's are vehicle specific, and depending on the vehicle, numerous positions can be available.  

When fitted, the Brodit ProClip creates a flat plastic plate to screw your Brodit Holder to; this way you are screwing into the ProClip and NOT your dashboard!

You must have a compatible Brodit ProClip for your vehicle’s make, model and year. Use our Brodit search to find the right ProClip for your vehicle.  It is good practice to look at the installation images on the ProClip fitting instructions to ensure the dashboard shown matches your vehicle.

Occasionally, choosing a ProClip designed for a left hand drive vehicle on your right hand drive will give you a few more options. It is usually ok to do this with centre mounts, as long as the vehicle's dashboard is symmetrical. (Please note, the Angled Mounts do not usually work!)

When fitting a left hand drive Brodit ProClip, you will find in some occasions that there is a very slight angle towards the passenger; however, if fitting a Brodit holder with a tilt swivel, you will be able to point your device 15° back to the driver without any trouble.

As a general rule, the Brodit ProClip code for a right hand drive car is a 6 digit number beginning with a 6, and a left hand drive would be the same 6 digit number, but will begin with an 8.

It is advisable to fit the ProClip onto the vehicle before attaching the holder; this way you are not putting any pressure on the weaker, thinner end of the ProClip.  If there is any sticky adhesive on the ProClip, it is worth leaving this to work for a few hours before attempting to attach the holder.  The sticky adhesive will dry hard so will not damage your dashboard and can be easily picked off if you decide to de-install the ProClip is removed.

If you need any advice on selecting an appropriate ProClip for your vehicle, please contact us.

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