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Brodit 2 part solution

Phone Mount

The ProClip is the second part of the 2 step Brodit solution 

When fitted, the ProClip simply creates a secure flat plastic plate ready for the holder to be attached. This way you are screwing the holder to the ProClip mount and not your dashboard!

ProClips are tailor made to fit your specific vehicle, giving you a flat plate to attach your Brodit holder - without causing any damage to your dashboard.

Then, when you decide to change your device, you only need to replace your holder to fit your new device. Simply remove the old holder from the ProClip, and attach the new one. 

The ProClip simply snaps into place in gaps in the dashboard, you do not need to drill holes, use special tools or dismantle the dashboard.



ProClip options

There are various ProClip options to help you put your device exactly where you need it (right
vent mount, left vent mount, centre vent mount, centre angled mount).


/live/productlinks/clipintoplace1.jpg/live/productlinks/readyforholder1.jpg          /live/productlinks/clipintoplace2.jpg/live/productlinks/readyforholder2.jpg


Do you have the right ProClip?

To be sure that you have the right ProClip, take a look at the installation photos at the bottom of the product page so you can see how it looks when in place.


Our device search system

Once you have chosen your ProClip, use our device search to find the perfect holder for your phone or tablet. Remember we have holders that can also charge your device, and keep it securely held, even if it has a case.


The Brodit item numbers

All Brodit products have a 6-digit item number.  /live/productlinks/partnumber.jpg

In most cases a right-hand drive ProClip will begin with the number 6, and a left-hand drive ProClip will have a code beginning with an 8. If you need to contact us with a question about any Brodit product, having this 6-digit code number will help us find your product quickly.


Fit your ProClip BEFORE attaching your holder

We recommend fitting the ProClip to your vehicle BEFORE attaching the holder. This will allow you to be sure that it’s in exactly the position you need. If there is any adhesive tape on the ProClip, we recommend allowing that to adhere for a few hours, or even overnight before attaching the holder. The adhesive will dry over time and can be easily removed without causing damage to the dashboard of your vehicle.

Any questions?

Our UK based live chat is available Monday to Friday 0900-1700 (excluding holidays) in the bottom right of your screen, alternatively call our customer services on 01905 677555 or use the contact form to send your enquiry.

Click here to choose a Brodit ProClip for your vehicle