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Enterprise Partner Program Terms and Conditions - Brodit

In order to be accepted into the Brodit UK Enterprise Partner Program, applicants must agree to meet the following criteria:

Customer Requirements

Completion of Brodit Enterprise Partner Program Application Form

Forms can be downloaded from and must be completed in full for application to be processed

Company is an existing Nemesis customer

The Enterprise Partner Program will be fulfilled through Nemesis Ltd, therefore the company must be an existing Nemesis customer. Any company not meeting these criteria can apply for a Nemesis credit or Pro-forma account at

Company has purchased Brodit from Nemesis in last 6 months

The partner program has been designed help existing Brodit resellers add value to their Brodit business. To be eligible, the company must have purchased Brodit products from Nemesis within the previous 6 months from point of application.

Spend on Brodit products with Nemesis

The Partner program has been designed to offer addition support for companies with Brodit products already featuring in their range. The spend requirements are a minimum of £10,000 across the last calendar year with Nemesis on Brodit products. Companies wishing to apply for the Enterprise Plus Partner program must have a minimum spend of £50,000 on Brodit products during the same period. Spend values can be confirmed by contacting Nemesis prior to application if necessary.

Brodit success stories

At Brodit we love to see our products being used by customers. Innovation with Brodit products helps us to shape the future range and direction of the portfolio. Your success stories are key to this. Brodit will always protect any partner IP and will only show limited information on its website and social media channels. Brodit UK Enterprise Partners are required to supply ONE case study per year, and the Enterprise Plus Partners a minimum of TWO per year. If you are in any doubt about these requirements or their use, please contact us!

Brodit Logo displayed on company website

The program is designed to help partners increase customer awareness of the benefits and capabilities of Brodit. Partners should display the Brodit logo on its own partner page, together with a link to a Brodit page on its own website, or a link to the Brodit UK website. High-res logos plus copy will be made available.

Brodit available via company’s B2B E-Com site

Where a partner has a B2B or E-Com Site, the Brodit range should be visible and available to order. Use of Brodit Web Services is not mandatory; however, this can greatly aid with product selection. Details of this useful tool are available from your account manager.

Invitation to all Partner events

The Brodit range is broad and can sometimes appear complicated. Our experience with projects spans 20 years, so being in front of end customers improves conversion, and builds confidence for the Partner and their customers.

Customer Benefits              

Account Manager & Technical Support

Once the application has been processed, an initial meeting will be arranged and the program level confirmed, including details of the product & technical support available from Nemesis/Brodit UK.

Review Meetings

These meetings can either be included in support visits or arranged separately. Reviews are designed to discuss all projects, tenders and opportunities, establishing where assistance may be needed/wanted. Existing and potential sales opportunities plus additional sales or marketing support should also be agreed. Pricing, technical & production/ logistical details should also be covered in these reviews.

Company Logo on

In addition to the sales support from Brodit UK, a business solutions page will be created on the brand website, featuring a list of Brodit UK Enterprise Partners, plus detailed partner information. The page will also give details of the Brodit UK Enterprise Partner Program for prospective participants. Brodit UK will request a 1 paragraph company summary, plus current high-res company logo and an HTML web link to the Brodit product page on the company website.

Quarterly sample allowance

Your sample allowance will be assigned at the start of each quarter. If there is a remaining balance at the end of a specific quarter this can be carried over into the next quarter at Brodits discretion for the maximum of one further quarter only. If you have not used up your full sample allowance for this quarter after this time it will be lost.

Project Registration and Support

Being part of the Enterprise Partner Program will give the partner the ability to register projects with Brodit through Nemesis. Once a project is registered, Brodit UK/Nemesis will provide the partner with support throughout the project. Including where possible, giving access to the factory specialists for bespoke/ ad-hoc / and one off customer requests. It also includes additional resource and support where required to attend meetings in order to support the partner and facilitate the end user’s requirements, FOC samples outside of the quarterly allowance will also be made available.

Brodit will treat all personal, company or third party details in the strictest of confidence subject to GDPR compliance.

Sales rebate/development Fund

Brodit Enterprise Plus Partners are eligible for a sales rebate/development fund based on the previous year’s spend value on Brodit products with Nemesis.

The criteria for this is based on spend levels on Brodit products through Nemesis. The annual spend thresholds are £150,0000 - £200,0000 and £250,0000. During the final quarter, the partner must decide to opt for a rebate or development fund to be allocated to their account at the end of the 12-month period. The amount available is based on the following,

1% on spend on Brodit products over £150,000
2% on spend on Brodit products over £200,000
3% on spend on Brodit products over £250,000


*Brodit reserve the right to terminate the Partner Program without notice or revoke membership to the program with any of its partners should the terms and conditions not be adhered to.
*Brodit will treat all personal, company details in the strictest of confidence subject to GDPR compliance.