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Brodit 2 part solution

Brodit Help

With so many options available from Brodit, it can sometimes be a bit confusing which product to choose. We hope the following will help you choose the correct Brodit solution to meet your needs.

Brodit is a unique 2 part system where you will require a Holder for the device you are wishing to mount (Step 1) and a ProClip or bracket to fit on the vehicle (Step 2). The Brodit Holder screws into the ProClip when this is fitted into the vehicle so no screw holes are needed in the dashboard.

The Brodit Holder will come with the 4 self tapping screws and also easy to use fitting instructions.

Brodit Holders - Step 1

Brodit holders are device specific, so you will need to ensure you choose the correct holder for your device. A Brodit Holder will securely hold your mobile phone, Sat Nav or tablet and to do this use our Brodit search to help identify the holder you are looking for.

Brodit Active or Brodit Passive Holder?

Passive holder
A Brodit Passive Holder will hold your handset securely but won't charge. The holder is designed in such a way so that you will still be able to attach your own charging cable when this is required. The Passive Holder is a neat option for an occasional user with no wires showing.
Active holder with Cig Plug
A Brodit Active Holder will hold your handset secure and will also charge it via a cigarette plug. With your Brodit Holder plugged into a powered cig socket in your vehicle, the battery will be charging every time you insert your device – when there is power to the cig socket!
Active holder for Fixed Install
A professional installation is recommended for the Brodit Fixed Install Holder. The Brodit Holder comes complete a Molex adaptor system to wire into the vehicle for a neat installation without a lead to the vehicle’s cig socket. With your Brodit Fixed Install Holder fitted into your vehicle you will always have a freshly charged battery.

Holder Features

Tilt Swivel
This allows the holder to be adjusted and pointed towards the driver for ease of use and also eliminate glare.
Pass-Through Connector
The holder has a plug for you to insert the specified cable in the base of the holder. The cable will stay in position and is easy to remove if required. With a Brodit Pass-Through Holder it means that you don't have to unplug your cable every time you take your device out of the holder.
Holder f. Cable Attachment
This type of Brodit holder allows you to insert the specified cable through an aperture in the base of the holder. The cable will click into position and be visible in the base of the holder for the device to sit on for charging. This cable can be removed when required, however not as easily as the Brodit Pass-Through holder.
Cig Plug
A lead attached to the active holder that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle to charge your handset.
For fixed Installation
Designed for a professional and neat installation into the vehicle with no wires showing. You will need an installer to help you with this, or choose an active holder with a cig plug connection.
Fits Devices with Skins
These holders have a slight adjustment on them to allow a device with a skin or a protective case to be inserted.

Brodit Proclip Mounts - Step 2

A Brodit ProClip attaches to your vehicles dashboard without damaging your vehicle. When in place it creates a flat plastic plate to attach your holder (Step 1) to. The holder screws into the ProClip and NOT your dashboard!

Brodit ProClip’s are vehicle specific, with sometimes 3 or 4 positions available on a single vehicle. You must have a compatible Brodit ProClip for your vehicle’s make, model and year. Use our Brodit search to find the right ProClip for your vehicle.

Occasionally choosing a ProClip designed for a left hand drive car on your right hand drive will give you a few more options. It is usually ok to do this with centre mounts as long as the vehicles dashboard is symmetrical. When fitting a left hand drive Brodit ProClip you will find in some occasions that there is a very slight angle towards the passenger, however if fitting a Brodit holder with a tilt swivel you will be able to point your device back to the driver without any trouble.

As a general rule Brodit ProClip’s for right hand drive cars begin with a 6 and a left hand drive would be the same 6 digit number but will begin with an 8.

For any assistance on choosing the correct Brodit ProClip for your vehicle please contact us.