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Brodit 2 part solution

Pipe Mounts for Indoor Exercise Bikes

Stay On Track and Easily Access Fitness Apps

Once lockdown began last Spring of 2020 and gyms were closed, exercise bikes used for spin classes and in particular, the Peloton bike, quickly boomed in sales as at-home workout equipment suddenly became essential for many. By June 2020, Peloton's global membership was at 3.1 million already doubling from the year previous. Their growth also showed its first quarterly profit of $89 million, compared to a loss of $47m one year ago — these figures show just how much sales have shot up and how in-demand at-home equipment has become.

With the increasing number of fitness apps, it has meant that having your phone with you whilst exercising is the norm. Innovative apps such as the Zwift App for indoor bike training are taking at-home training to a new height by blending the fun of video games and the intensity of serious training. You can travel through their virtual worlds, while connected with and training with friends. We can expect apps such as these will continue to be developed so we can feel more connected with the world, our friends and community whilst at home.

Whether you are an intense trainer or prefer a more leisurely workout, having a secure mount for your mobile phone fitted to your bike is important so you can have a perfectly secure fit and can easily switch through your music, podcasts or monitor your fitness levels.

The Brodit mounting system for your indoor exercise bike comes together in just three steps. First, choose a Pipe Mount that fits the dimension of your support bar or handlebar, then combine with an Adjustable Holder and finally the added Adjustable Top Support to give you the perfect solution for mounting your phone on your exercise bike.

Step 1: Pipe Mount

Item #215664 

/live/blogs/Brodit Pipe Mount - 215664.jpg

Item #215583 

/live/blogs/Brodit Pipe Strap Mount - 215583.jpg

Step 2: Adjustable Holder

Choose an adjustable holder that suits your phone with a skin. The holder is secured firmly and neatly to the mount on your equipment where you can then easily access your phone and apps.

To set the adjustable holder to fit, first firmly secure the width to fit your skin, then you are set to go. You can also connect a cable and a headset to your phone if needed, while placed in the holder.

Item #511667

/live/blogs/Brodit adjustable holder for thin case - 215664.jpg

Item #511688 

/live/blogs/Brodit adjustable holder for thick case - 215664.jpg

Step 3: Mounting Accessories

Item #215696

/live/blogs/Brodit adjustablt top mount - 215664.jpg

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