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Brodit 2 part solution

Legacy devices Zebra MC67 & TC55 in-vehicle solutions & accessories

Brodit continues to support legacy workforce tools such as the Zebra MC67 and Zebra TC55 with multiple in-vehicle holders and charging solutions and accessories.



Being a mobile worker's device, you need an in-vehicle device holder that is durable, with an easy and accessible one-handed insertion/removal that has the capability to keep your device's battery charged.

If you are using your device every day at work, then the active holders for are best for you to keep your device’s battery continuously charged and topped up when you are on the move all day. The active holder with cig-plug is customised to fit your Zebra MC67 and Zebra TC55 devices with or without an extended battery. The holders are attached to a tilt swivel that allows for adjustments to avoid light reflection on the screen. 

There is also an active holder version for both the MC67 and TC55 models with a long 150cm straight cable that will also fit with or without an extended battery.

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Great for on-the-go connectivity, the active holder with cig-plug with USB capability for the MC67, means your device can run as both host and client. This active holder has a unique slim design and, as with all Brodit holders, made of ABS plastic that is highly durable and will withstand fluctuating temperatures and any environment. Safe to use due to its short circuit protection and high efficiency which reduces the heat produced in the unit.

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Charging accessories are also available for the MC67 and TC55, such as the Table Stands with charging slots to make sure your Zebra devices are charged and ready-to-go first thing in the morning. This is the solution for you if you want a way to keep the devices charged in the office and in one place. The charge starts automatically when you put the device in the stand and will fit with or without an extended battery. Charging plugs included for the UK, US, EU and AU.

Also Suitable for:

Brodit's passive and active holders, charging accessories and the full list of in-vehicle solutions are available online at or for more information on this product, please email

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