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The rugged Zebra L10 platform, formerly manufactured by Xplore Technologies, offers solutions that can improve workers overall productivity without disrupting their workflows.  



Compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems, with a range of RAM and storage options included, the L10 platform is an incredibly versatile option for your organisation by offering optimal performance, security, connectivity and accessory options in one mobile computer platform.

Brodit has customised a holder with a lock that is designed and manufactured using high-grade ABS and Acetal plastic that will hold your Zebra L10 XPAD or XSLATE and lock securely in place while still being readily available for use. 

The Zebra XSLATE L10 Rugged Tablet is lightweight, easily transported and the 4G LTE card (optional for Windows) gives you an added boost and much faster download and upload speeds than previous generations.

the Zebra XPAD L10 is best recognised for its rigid handle and field-proven industrial-grade durability among those in the field service and industrial sectors who spend their days on the move on the ground -- the optional barcode reader is built into the handle to facilitate data processing.

Simply attach the holder to any flat surface, perfect for in stores or exhibitions, or mount inside a truck, distribution or warehouse vehicle using a Pedestal Mount.  

Equipped with a lock and two keys (included), the keys can also be used with the Zebra XDIM module (Zebra XDIM module not included). Predrilled AMPS and VESA standard holes allow continued access to the camera and all buttons and outlets when the device is in the holder. 


For trade enquiries, please email [email protected].

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