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How important are customer reviews? Crucially important, according to research, which shows 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. On top of this, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to



 At Brodit, we wholeheartedly agree. However, new research has revealed that fake online customer reviews are becoming more and more prevalent. 

According to the findings from ReviewMeta, out of 200 million online reviews they scrutinised, a significant 11.3% were deemed to be untrustworthy. 

It appears more and more companies are reaching out through social media to offer free stuff, or in some cases, money, in return for a 5* review, an unethical and illegal practice and one that is frustrating for companies like us. 

We are hugely proud of our online reviews and on our Brodit website alone, 94% of 1,338 reviewers have recommended our products. Of these, 87% are 5*. We can unequivocally and unreservedly say these are the real deal.  

Take one of our best selling Brodit ProClip Angled Mounts for the Ford Fiesta. On Amazon reviews, 82% are 5*, 18% are 4*, there is nothing beneath that.

For extra peace of mind, many of our products feature an Amazon’s Choice sticker on the shopping site. This is Amazon’s own benchmarking tool, recognising “highly-rated, well-priced products able to dispatch immediately”. The Brodit Adjustable Holder for the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S is just one of these, with 78% of its reviews a 5*. 

Often, a review itself can sum up what we want to say much better. For instance, we received this review on the Brodit ProClip, which covers all bases. 

“The best car phone holder money can buy. I've used one on each of my last three cars (all different models) and each of my last three phones (again, all different models) and I can't fault it. Easy to fit, no damage/marks left on the car interior after removal. Holds phone perfectly, and the adjustable holders allow you to accommodate the phone, even whilst it has a cover/case on it.”

Our products are not budget and are designed to be robust for better functionality and a longer life span. They are definitely an investment and it’s great to know our customers recognise this, one reviewer saying, “It may cost slightly more to get a Brodit ProClip setup, however, it is well worth the extra cash compared to the cheap, but usually very poor alternatives out there.”

“Very good pricing” is often quoted in our reviews, which demonstrates the importance of excellent quality to customers as opposed to mass made. They might pay a bit extra, but they are getting a product they can rely on.

Ultimately, it’s a fool’s game to fake reviews as, if a product is not what the customer is expecting or better, negative reviews will naturally follow. If you are unsure if a review is real, experts recommend the following:

  • Check to make sure the reviews are verified.
  • Be extra careful with unknown brands.
  • Watch out for a lot of reviews posted in a close time frame.
  • Be wary of repetition. Multiple reviews containing similar language or phrases are a red flag.
  • Look for mistakes in spelling and grammar. 

In the meantime, we hope our Brodit products will continue to impress.

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*Brodit holders are a simple, but brilliant, two-part, vehicle-specific docking concept, manufactured for the majority of mobile devices.

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