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Setting the benchmark for 70 years, the Volkswagen Transporter is back with the new edition 6.1 — designed for those who get the job done. With total connectivity, a redesigned front end and interior and more space than ever before, it's a van that is hard not to love.



The Brodit ProClip Right and Angled mounts are customised to keep your devices within easy sight and reach in the new Volkswagen T6.1. This specifically designed perfect fit will ensure a firm mounting platform for your device and discreet design that is optimised and blends in with the vehicle's interior for a neat, safe and convenient installation and user experience.

The ProClip is easy to install — simply snap the Right or Angled mount into gaps in the vehicle's interior without the need for a drill, special tools or dismantling of the dashboard.

The ProClip has AMPS holes for easy installation of a holder, so you are able to switch between several holders on the same ProClip if needed. Once your holder is attached, install any accessory, i.e. mobile phone or other communication devices. Made of high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic, the Right and Angled mounts are versatile, durable, and simply the best most mount on the market.

Available for order:

- ProClip Right mount for Volkswagen (#605589)
- ProClip Angled mount for Volkswagen (#655588)

Brodit is a two-part solution:

Step 1: Choose your ProClip Mount, where here you can choose the correct Mount for your vehicle. 

Step 2: Choose a Holder that is right for your device — do this here by selecting your device's brand and model.

If your device has a protective case, there are adjustable holders available. The holders are also built with tilt swivel on the back that allows you to adjust the holder 20 degrees in every direction in order to reduce any glare on your device's screen.

Also Suitable for:
For Volkswagen T6.1 in all countries.


For trade enquiries, please email [email protected].

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