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The first purpose-built electric car by Volkswagen signifies the new phase in car making for the Volkswagen Group. The first vehicle to be built on the new modular electric drive matrix (MEB), and they aim to sell 20 million cars built on this new platform — designed to be simple to use with almost completely operable by touch controls or via the "Hello ID." intelligent voice control.

Using the MEB platform means that the battery is custom to the customer's needs, and the batteries can be of different sizes. Currently, ID.3 customers can choose between the Pure 45 kWh, Pro 58 kWh or Pro S 77 kWh battery with WLTP with ranges up to 217, 263 or 336 miles. 

Brodit has designed and manufactured a custom console ProClip phone mount for the Volkswagen ID.3 2021 and 2022 Product no. 635644. Keeping your phone in a holder and mounted neatly on the console will make it easier and safer to have your phone in your car. The ProClip is a mounting bracket, and the custom Brodit holder is for your phone, communication device or GPS device.


Once you have the ProClip phone mount bracket and phone holder in place, the Brodit easy-switching system enables you to upgrade your phone holder without needing to remove your ProClip or purchase a whole new system. Instead, disconnect the holder from the charging cable via the Molex 6-pin quick connector and connect the new holder. The switch is complete in a few seconds.

You can also install a MultiMoveClip, which allows you to quickly switch between phone holders while keeping the same ProClip mount. Perfect if you have other mobile phones, you share a car or if you want to use your GPS in its place. Attach the MultiMoveClip onto your ProClip in your car, and it's ready to use with your Brodit phone holders of choice. The MultiMoveClip fits with all of Brodit's holders with a tilt swivel.


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For Volkswagen ID.3 in all countries.

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