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If you are in the HGV business and are looking to be more energy-efficient, you may have invested in the pioneering, new-to-the-UK-market Mercedes-Benz Actros 5.



And if so, we have launched a beast of a device mount that is customised to the new innovative right-hand-drive tractor unit, gaining traction for its futuristic MirrorCam system using cameras in place of traditional mirrors and two 15-inch screens mounted on the internal A-pillars for better driver visibility.

Ultimately, having no mirrors and the use of virtual reality improves aerodynamic efficiency and increases fuel economy, according to Mercedes, which have gone all out to make the “safest, most efficient and most connected truck ever” with the new Actros.

As part of this, you need the most secure, robust mount for your device holder.

Whether you have a touch screen tablet, PDA, taximeter screen or printer, the Brodit ProClip mounting platform – for the new Actros is designed specifically to support heavier devices. And, by creating a flat plastic plate to screw your Brodit holder (the second part of the system) into, you can be safe in the knowledge you are screwing into only the ProClip, and not your shiny new dashboard.

While reported road accidents involving HGVs has fallen in the last 10 years in the UK, they did increase between 2017-18. Crucially for truck drivers covering long distances, the Brodit mounting system means you always have your device within easy sight and reach without needing to reach or crane your neck to see your device.

Customised specifically for the Actros 5 means your device fits absolutely perfectly and reflects the design of the truck itself. You are not only able to work more efficiently but are safer as your device will remain secure without slipping out of place with you needing to re-angle or adjust.

As well as having full access to all buttons on the move you also will receive the best phone reception possible – invaluable when you are out on a job.

The mounting system offers flexibility too, coming in both an angled and centrally-fitted version, depending on where you would like the device holder situated. Installation of this innovative two-part system is super quick and easy, too.

The added beauty for logistics managers is that, if you have a fleet - Actros or another make - Brodit offers a bulk discount if you order 25 device holders or more. Please note that, because this is a special order item, delivery time is 7-10 working days.

Order your angled Brodit device holder for the Actros 5 (part number 313559) or the central mount version (part number 313558) today.

*GOV.UK statistical data set - updated September 2019


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