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- Keep your mobile device charged on the go!


Qi Wireless technology was created by Wireless Power Consortium and has been established for over 14 years. They have developed an open interface that defines wireless power transfer using an innovative system, that defines inductive charging over distances of up to 4cm. The technological system works by placing a compatible device onto a charging pad, which promotes inductive coupling, thus charging your device effectively via the wireless charging platform. 

Brodit have used innovative technology to create Qi certified phone holder that will fit most mobile phones, both with and without a protective case. Allowing mobile devices to be placed into the Qi Wireless holder easily and securely, ensuring the phone instantly connects to the charging system. The LED charging status feature signifies that the device is charging successfully and provides a handy feature for users.

The Qi Wireless charging holder is made from a high-grade black ABS/ Acetal plastic, which means that it will create a strong and sturdy platform for your device. Additionally, the holder is adjustable and includes a 17° tilt and a 360° swivel in any direction: providing a comfortable view with no glares or reflections whist driving.

Most mobile devices within the following dimensions will fit comfortably within the Brodit Qi Wireless Charging Holder:

Width: 61-83mm

Thickness: 6-11mm


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