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Volkswagen ID.3

In 2020 Volkswagen Group released the intelligent, innovative and sustainable Volkswagen ID.3. It is the first of this new all-electric range by Volkswagen to hit the automotive market and features a completely newly futuristic design.

The exterior of the ID.3 will feature the smooth bonnet without the need for a front grille to cool the engine, adding to this radical look will be the wing mirrors which are replaced by rear facing cameras. VW have stated that, inside the ID.3 customers can are offered plenty of legroom and space in the interior of the vehicle for comfortability during any trip.

The superior levels of comfort and refinement in the all-electric five door family hatchback have tempted owners of the Golf, and even other hatchback competitors such as the Ford Fiesta and Focus could be tempted by the alluring modern design.


Volkswagen ID.4

The ID.4 is the second all electric ID model to hit the automotive market. As well as being a versatile, dynamic and fully electric vehicle, the ID.4 is the first SUV in the ID series.

This model is an urban SUV with a fantastic design concept that is suitable for family road trips and holidays. The new ID.4 shows how attractive electric mobility can be, with additional features such as a roof railing for additional luggage and an improved aerodynamic design throughout.

The interior of the Volkswagen ID.4 is home to an intelligent Open Space design that it offers you and your passengers an impressive sense of space. The ID.4 can match your personality and mood perfectly, with a choice of 10 standard colours that you are able to choose from to gently illuminate your interior. 


Volkswagen ID Buzz

The iconic Volkswagen Transporter T1 has been reincarnated in the form of all new and 100% electric ID. Buzz. The familiar design of the T1 has been interlocked with the futuristic look of the ID. series, giving the van a completely unique and expressive personality and look.

The ID. Buzz vehicle is inevitably the world’s first multivariable electric van that features a fully automated driving mode. All you have to do is let go of the steering wheel and your ID. Buzz will assume control and lets you know its status on the infotainment tablet and the AR Head-up Display.

Family adventures and road trips are closer than you think! The ID. Buzz offers functionality with the options of up to 8 seats made from animal-free leather and an interior evoked from an extensive use if recycled materials.


Volkswagen ID.5

The 3rd model to join the ID family is the ID.5. It features an elegant form of efficiency and has powerful electric performance and a flowingly attractive silhouette.

The ID.5 is a modern synergy of SUV and coupé styling offering you and your passengers high-class comfortability that you can feel with every drive. Volkswagen Group focused on delivering a reliable battery life and a trustworthy 327 miles on a full charge.

Although this new model is inspired by the previous ID.4 SUV, the exterior of the ID.5 offers fans and supporters of the ID series more variety and keeps them excited for what else is to come in the full-battery-powered line-up.

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