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Earlier this month, the new rugged CAT S52 smartphone was launched and Brodit has the perfect adjustable in-car holder to go with it.



The name CAT stands for Caterpillar — the maker of everything from multi-terrain loaders to super practical work boots has now unveiled its thinnest, sleekest and most durable device yet.

Designed to withstand all weather conditions, even without a case, it’s a tough device, and our Brodit adjustable in-car phone holders are equally built to last to withstand the many trials of a workday.

Similarly to its exterior, the interior features of the S52 are as impressive with a best-in-class built-in camera and dual Sony sensor, this new device is a world ahead of similar workforce phones currently available and of the past. Built of the highest-grade materials and consideration, same goes for Brodit adjustable phone holders.

Crucially, by nature of the environment CAT phones are often found in, the holders are designed to minimise wear and protect the handset from exposure to dust and dirt.

While the holder is adjustable, and not customised, the two-part hands-free solution promises a perfect fit for your new CAT S52, with or without a case or skin. Choose from either a passive holder (without charging built-in) or active holder (charging built-in with a cig-plug and USB Type-C charging cable included) and both holders have a tilt-swivel to adjust to avoid light reflection on the screen.

The magnetic tip allows for easy docking by directly inserting into the charging port on your device and can withstand at least 30,000 dockings — a durable and hard-wearing piece of kit.

The Brodit passive and active adjustable phone holders are available to order here today!

Customised phone holders are available for the CAT S31, CAT S41 and CAT S48 devices:


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