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Start your workday with freshly charged devices!

Brodit has developed two desktop charging docks customised for the Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715 that can dock and charge one device or up to four devices simultaneously.

This desktop charging solution allows you to have your devices charging units conveniently organised and taking up minimal space safely inside your office or any work-space.

The charging docks are the ultimate charging station and addition any workplace and have been used in many different industries such as haulage contractors, warehouses, schools, universities and offices, as well as within health care, police and civil protection — everywhere and anywhere multiple devices are used and in need of being fully charged and ready to grab-and-go when needed.

Taking up minimal space, you can keep several charging docks neatly to optimise desk space and charging capabilities. The dock charges the devices via pogo pins and once the device is in the charging dock the charging will start instantly. Cellular rubber feet on the bottom of the charging dock also ensure that it will not slip off any desktop surface in case of an accident. 

Simply 'grab-and-go' from the charging dock and replace once finished — an easy-to-use yet dependable charging solution for all your mobile devices. Power cable and worldwide adapters included.


Available for order:

Item no. Product description
216125 Table Stand for Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715
216127 Table Stand for Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715 (4-way dock)


Also Suitable for:
For Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715 in all countries. 

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