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Keep your backseat passengers entertained while on a long car journey this summer or at any time with a Brodit headrest mount and device holder with options to fit different sized tablets.

The Brodit Standard Headrest Mount (maximum height of 195mm when horizontal) for a standard vehicle headrest is one of the few headrest mounts on the market that are crash-tested certified to EU ECE R17 specification. With Brodit, you have ensured a safe, secure and durable two-part system that will withstand the test of time.

The headrest mount is placed on the front seat headrest, and the discreet design blends in well while holding firmly in place with its solid mounting platform.


Brodit adjustable passive holders fit the standard headrest mount to hold your device in place on the Mount. The holders can fit tablets with or without a skin/case for three sizes of Small (height 120-150 mm), Medium (height 140-195 mm) and Large (height 180-230 mm) and all with a maximum thickness of 25mm. 

For charging your device while in the holder, you can attach a charging cable to your device. The holder has a tilt swivel to avoid light reflection by adjusting - tilting 17° and swivel 360°. The upper and lower parts of the holder have padded cushions for protection against sliding and scratching. Quickly place your device in the holder and remove it when taking it with you or easily remove the entire holder from the MoveClip speed clip on the headrest mount. 

The Brodit standard headrest Mount and adjustable holders are made using high-grade black ABS/Acetal plastic and come with detailed installation instructions to complete the quick and easy installation even faster.

The complete sets of both the Brodit standard headrest mount for your vehicle and an adjustable passive holder for your tablet are now available. All-in-one, the Brodit mount kits are perfect for getting the two-part system and everything you need in one go. 


Item no. Product description
216018 Standard headrest mount and holder. Small.
216019 Standard headrest mount and holder. Medium.
216020 Standard headrest mount and holder. Large.
811070 Standard headrest mount. 
511848 Adjustable holder with tilt swivel. Small.
511849 Adjustable holder with tilt swivel. Medium.
511850 Adjustable holder with tilt swivel. Large

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For Brodit customised headrest mounts for Volvo, go to 811100 and 811102

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