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We all use our phones for navigation these days. They’re with us all the time and the updates and accessibility mean they make great Sat Navs.

However, the new Galaxy S phone from Samsung might make the perfect roadtrip companion thanks to some updated hardware and software.

We all worry about the battery life of our phone even when we’re at home so a phone battery you can rely on would make us all calmer people. The S23 also offers battery life over previous phones in the series- this has been tested at 13 hours and 12 minutes. That will get you from Land’s End to Inverness on a single charge if you’re using maps. However, Brodit do have both a standard holder and a charging holder to choose from- so no pressure if you do get a bit of battery anxiety.

When we’re thinking about a roadtrip, the images of sunglasses and big blue skies are conjured up. Lovely. But not so lovely for the phone screen. ‘Was 2nd exit at the roundabout or 3rd? ‘, you’ll be saying to an agitated passenger due to screen glare. Paradise=ruined. Well, Samsung have thought of that exact moment, probably, and have created a screen that you can see even on the sunniest of Spanish sunbeds. That means you can pop your phone on the holder and be confident it will be safe, secure and you’ll see exactly which important right turn is coming up in 300m.

The stops are important on a roadtrip and a croissant at the top of valley requires a picture. The S23 will impress you with the triple camera system which combines a 50MP camera, a 12MP ultrawide and a 10MP telephoto lens. Post to Instagram and back on the road.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect roadtrip companion and somewhere to keep it safe, secure and charged use the Brodit Smart Search tool to find the ProClip to fit your dashboard and the phone holder to fit your Samsung Galaxy S23!

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