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If you are looking for a tablet that is touch, rugged, water-resistant and will operate well both indoors and in the outdoors in an active lifestyle, then you may have invested in the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro.



Rugged and durable also describes Brodit in-vehicle holders, which are designed and manufactured using high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic material. Customised to fit the new Samsung Galaxy Active Tab Pro, the range of active charging holders ensure a perfect secure hold and to keep your charge topped up when on-the-go.

Built to withstand the day-to-day trials of an active lifestyle, the Galaxy Tab Active Pro is IP68 water and dust resistant, which means it can handle a messy environment and still operate with the large 10.1 screen that lets you see and do more.

Brodit has a large range of customised holders available to suit your in-vehicle needs — Everything from the active charging holder with cig-plug to the active charging holder with locking for extra security. 

The Active holder with cig-plug is the choice for you if you want to have your device charged and topped up at all times. Built with a cigarette lighter cable, the cable is connected to your vehicle’s 12 Volt socket. Your device will automatically connect and charge once it is placed in the holder and connected to the power supply — meaning you do not need to manually connect your device each time, saving time and the need to carry a cable with you!

The holder is attached to a tilt swivel, which means you can adjust to get the best view from any angle. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape mode by turning the holder into your desired position, Customised for the perfect fit, you can as easily remove your device after inserting it into the holder — great to keep day-to-day activities running efficiently!

There is also the active holder with cig-plug for the Samsung Galaxy Active Tab Pro with a USB host built into the holder. Charge your device as well as plug and charge another device using the USB host port.

For extra security for your device, Brodit also provides two customised active charging holders with locking for when you want to secure your Tab Active Pro while still having it easily accessible.

Also Suitable for:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro T540/T545/T547/T547U in all countries.

Installation of a tablet onto a vehicle’s dashboard is always done on the customer’s own responsibility. Brodit recommends using tablets on the car’s headrest, installed onto a Brodit headrest mount.

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