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Now released, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab Active 3, their newest device for their rugged range that they have been growing steadily in recent years.

The new Android 10 tablet lineup will have three models — the SM-T570, SM-T575 and SM-T577. Public records suggest they will differ primarily in wireless connectivity, with the SM-T570 offering Wi-Fi support. In contrast, the SM-T575 will also include LTE functionality and the SM-T577 looks to be a 5G variant of the device — with all three models running on UI 2.x based on Android 10 out of the box.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 can withstand rugged and harsh conditions that its target market endures, such as factory managers, industrial workplaces, first responders or even oil rig workers. The MIL-STD 810 rating means the tablet can withstand drops, vibrations, excessive pressure, and extreme temperatures.

Like last year's Galaxy Tab Active Pro, the Tab Active 3 has optimisations to make it easier to use with gloves. For example, its navigation buttons are physical rather than touch-sensitive, and Samsung says there is an option in the settings to make the tablet usable while wearing thin work gloves. The Tablet and S Pen are also IP68 certified to withstand water submersion up to 1.5 metres and dusty environments.


Brodit has a customised and complete range of active and passive holders, table stands and accessories that will keep the new Galaxy Tab Active 3 rugged devices secure, charged and organised — a shortlist below:

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711002 Passive holder with tilt swivel
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712225 Active holder with cig-plug adapter + USB host and tilt swivel
735225 Active holder with cig-plug + USB host, lock + 2 keys, tilt swivel
713225 Active holder with cig-plug + USB host for fixed installation
216080 4-way desktop charging dock, power cable, worldwide adapters


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