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If you are looking for a modern sports car that keeps its classic style and performance, the Porsche Taycan has delivered this experience whilst entirely powered by an electric battery. The Taycan has been a success story for Porsche so far and was their best selling model after the Macan this past year.

The sporty and sleek car gives you the excitement of going 0-62 in under 5 seconds (depending on which model) without adding harmful emissions.

Their new Taycan 4S model also lets you choose between the standard battery or the ‘Performance Battery Plus’, so you have an option to add some extra power, which is said to increase your range from 268 miles to 301 miles — impressive!

No matter which model you choose, between the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S, Porsche has kept its classic look with a purist design of a wide and low appearance. The interior includes a futuristic dashboard that houses a 10.9-inch infotainment display with optional display settings for the front passenger.

To keep your new Taycan organised, Brodit has the perfect solution to mount your phone whilst on the go in your vehicle. The Brodit ProClip makes it easier and safer to use your handheld device. The ProClip mounting bracket snaps into place and is customised so it won’t damage your dashboard.

The Brodit solution is a 2 part system consisting of a Brodit holder and Brodit ProClip. A Brodit Holder is device-specific and manufactured to fit your device perfectly. The Brodit ProClip is vehicle specific, non-damaging, and, when fit, creates a secure flat plastic plate ready to have the holder attached. As a result, your phone will remain safely secured out of the way and within sight so you can focus on more important things.

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Step 1

Choose your device-specific Brodit holder from our extensive list:

The device-specific holders have a neat and discreet design that blends well with your vehicle's interior. Your phone is held securely in an upright position for maximum cellular reception and equipped with a tilt swivel to easily adjust the angle for better viewing or switch between portrait and landscape mode. Tilts 17° and swivels 360°. Attach onto ProClip Mount.

Step 2

Choose your Brodit ProClip Mount: 

The ProClip mount is easy to install; you can do it in a minute! First, snap the ProClip in gaps in the interior — no special tools or need to dismantle the dashboard. Then you can attach your device-specific Brodit holder to the mount and your ready-to-go! The material is of high-grade black ABS/Acetal plastic. Detailed instructions included.

The image below is of the Brodit ProClip Center Mount item #655613

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