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Brodit have released a holder that is designed to fit the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, which fits both screens of the Z Fold3 5G mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G mobile device is an easy to use mobile phone when multitasking and folds in your hand for better portability. It is the first foldable mobile phone with an under display camera for zero interruptions when watching a video, or working on a teams video call whilst simultaneously making notes. 

The Brodit car phone holder has been custom designed for the perfect fit of your Samsung Galaxy and made to keep your phone safe and secure whilst driving, without any vibrations. The car phone holder for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is able to tilt 17° and swivel 360° in any direction, ensuring that you can see clearly and comfortably without the inconvenience of sun glares and reflections.

The holders come in two different formats, a standard non-charging car phone holder that is secure, custom fit and easy to install in your car. You can also insert your own charging lead when you need to quickly charge your phone.

Or, choose a car phone holder with built-in charging that is secure, has a perfect fit and keeps your device fully charged and ready to go.

Car phone holders with built-in charging comes paired with a USB-A-cable together with a car charger adaptor. 

The Brodit car phone holders are quick to install and don't cause any damage to your dashboard or device when mounted on a ProClip mount.  These are vehicle specific and available separately by using the vehicle search.

The holders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 allow for easy placement and removal of your device - great for when you just want to get up and go and also for when you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to charge your phone at home.

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