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Commercial driving just got better with a customised holder for the Zebra TC21/TC26.

Work efficiently and comfortably with the new customised Brodit holders for the Zebra TC21 and TC26. They offer a firm fit for your device and allow you to use with and without the original protective boot for more versatility and choice.

Zebra Technologies Touch Computers are perfect for connectivity in employees. The TC21 works amazingly with Wi-Fi connection, and the TC26 works great with both Wi-Fi and cellular connection to ensure workers improved task accuracy and on-the-job efficiency.

Likewise, the Brodit customised holders for both devices offer workers an easy and secure way to keep their TC21/TC26 in a safe position in their vans and lorries.

The holders allow you a perfectly firm fit, ensuring that your device stays stable in your vehicle throughout the day. New products include:

  • Standard non-charging holder 711338 (For devices with Zebra original Protective boot)
  • Charging holder with car adaptor 712338 (For devices with Zebra original Protective boot)
  • Charging holder with fixed installation 713338 (For devices with Zebra original Protective boot)

A charging holder will allow you to keep your Zebra TC21/TC26 fully charged and ready to use at all times. It is produced with an easy-switching system where you can upgrade the holder later on in the future if you upgrade your Zebra device. This way you can keep the installed cable and save some time and money.

The holders feature pogo pin charging to withstand daily wear and tear, making it easy to just slide the device into the holder and allowing it to charge with no issues.

The holder is made from durable ABS/Acetal plastic and is made easy to attach to a Brodit ProClip mounting platform or a pedestal mount. It also comes equipped with a tilt swivel that can help with tilting 17° and swivels 360° in any direction.  This allows you to comfortably use the Zebra TC21/TC26 for navigation and more.

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