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MG is a car that has historically been around since the 1920s. The British automotive marque was founded by Cecil Kimber and is well known to have been used in motorsport competitions.

Classically, the vehicle is known to be sporty with engines that can reach up to 3 Litres. The MG 5 encompasses all of the sporty and athletic features that previous MG vehicles support. The sedan features a quality 10-inch infotainment system that includes apple Car Play and Android Auto, giving you the chance to enjoy a fun drive with family and friends.

The Brodit ProClip Centre Mount (product code 655757) available for the MG 5 was made as an easy-to-install platform for the Brodit car phone holder. You are able to mount your holder onto the ProClip and keep your mobile phone or navigation device in a stable and safe position.

Brodit car phone holders are made specifically for your mobile phone or device, and you can find the right fit for you using the device search.

The Brodit ProClip mounting bracket attaches onto the dashboard of your MG 5. You won’t need to use a drill or any special tools to install the ProClip mount, just clip the mounting solution into place using the gaps near your air vent and the surrounding frame.

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You are able to find a suitable Brodit ProClip for your MG 5 using Brodit vehicle search. This is made easy and ensures a firm fit.

The ProClip is made out of a durable ABS/Acetal plastic in colour black to match the interior aesthetic of your vehicle. It is sturdy and offers minimal vibration and movement whilst you are driving. Keeping your mobile phone or navigation device in a steady position.

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