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The Zebra TC26 rugged device fits perfectly into the new range of Brodit holders. 

The Zebra TC26 device provides suitable durability, business features and enterprise-class accessories to improve productivity without breaking the budget. With the industry’s most comprehensive, robust set of software tools, this device is designed with functionalities for small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), retailers and field service providers where you can easily reuse their existing Android applications. A future-proof, both in software and hardware, mobile solution that fits the needs of businesses.

Available as a passive non-charging version or with integrated charging, the new Brodit holders are as robust as the device itself.

With a Zebra TC26 rugged device in a Brodit holder, your device will remain safe and secure, either mounted in a vehicle using a high strength ProClip mount or any other location using a pedestal mount.

  • Customised design for a Zebra TC26
  • Tilts 17° and swivels 360°
  • Made of high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic
  • AMPS hole pattern for mounting
  • Made in Sweden
Item no. Products
711197 Passive non charging holder for Zebra TC26
712197 Active holder with integrated charging and cig-plug  
713197 Active holder for fixed installation 


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For Zebra TC26 in all countries.

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