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The Honeywell CT60 XP is highly mobile and designed for those who work on the frontlines in scan-intensive workflows which need a secure mobile data collection and processing device.

Part of the CT60 range of Honeywell devices, which are the main touch-only rugged mobile computers. Built with enhanced ruggedness, the CTT60 XP comes with the technologically advanced FlexRange imager, which has scan performance in its class's most compact form.

Perfect for businesses that need real-time connectivity to essential applications and fast data capture solutions in a rugged device built for optimal uptime and productivity whilst out in the field, in the warehouse or on the selling floor.

Brodit has designed a new customised holder for the Honeywell CT60 XP that will hold your mobile computer, so you have it right when you need it. The new holders come in non-charging Passive, charging Active with cig-plug adapter or charging Active for fixed installation. The holders are all designed to fit the device with or without a hand strap.

Each holder has a tilt swivel that allows you to angle the holder 17° and rotate 360° to switch from portrait to landscape and have complete control over the angle to get the best view. 

The Active holders charge your device whilst it is in the holder, so you can rely on your device being where you need and ready to go. Active holder with cig-plug, 12/24V, charges via POGO pins and automatically begins charging once placed in the holder. 

The Active holder for fixed installation connects inside the dashboard, which gives a discreet and clean looking installation without the cables hanging over the interior. Professional installation is recommended.

All Brodit holders are made from ABS High-Grade plastic and built to withstand the test of time. With your rugged workforce device, Brodit products will always remain intact, keeping your devices organised, charged and right where you need them.

Product no. Product description
711268 Passive holder with tilt swivel.
712268 Active holder with cig-plug.
713268 Active holder for fixed installation. 


Also Suitable for:
For Honeywell CT60XP in all countries.

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