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myPOS products provide great handheld card payment machines for small businesses. The N5 gives the merchant the ability to take payments & offer refunds, lets the end user pay with a gift card and even allows MO/TO payments where a card is not available.



It also has a great app market which really benefits small business and individuals, giving them access to a digital platform where they can browse through various business apps designed exclusively for myPOS N5 users helping them to develop their businesses.

What will make this solution even better is finding the right holder solution to allow easy maneuverability whether you need to take a payment in your vehicle, in a shop or on the go. A charging holder also ensures you never run out of battery life right when you need it. Look no further; we have the perfect solution for you here at Brodit.

We’ve been making holders for handheld devices from our factory in Karlsborg, Sweden since 1983. Even in the early days, we made it a priority to develop a full line of mounting solutions for all the major mobile and workforce devices. One of our latest creations is the mounts & holders range for the hugely popular N5.

We have specific rugged mounts and holders for the MyPOS N5 wherever it is deployed. Addressing an increasingly common request, Brodit Retail POS Kits are the convenient and durable choice for mounting onto a payment desk, store booth or transportation vehicle. With the Brodit pedestal mount system, there is no MyPOS mobile device that cannot be securely mounted and charged in the most demanding locations.

Our range of N5 holders also includes powered cradles, and these are often utilised in high footfall stores and vehicles. Our vehicle specific mounts provide a solid mounting surface for our MyPOS device holders, which is a great benefit for private hire vehicles and taxis.

By also working closely with the top managed service providers in the country; including Barcode Warehouse, Peak Ryzex, Symec, and others, we help them give their customers all the available options to address project-specific mounting requirements. The selection and implementation of the right mounting solution really makes all the difference when productivity is paramount for a business, and our team love the challenge of finding the best possible solution, however unusual it might appear!

Managed Service providers and Integrators who bundle their existing MyPOS product offering with Brodit mounts can add real value by addressing use-case specific challenges in many different sectors.

We have experienced and highly capable design and production teams for all industry sectors. Manufacturing is done by precision CNC machining (vs. injection moulding) which allows us to offer fast turnaround times for new product development and prototyping, as well as cost effective smaller volume production runs.

Contact a Brodit UK Sales Representative today to discuss adding our mounting solutions to your MyPOS N5 solution!


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