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The iZettle Reader is one of the best and most popular card readers on the market, providing for a more efficient and secure workday. 



The new and improved Reader 2 is the second generation for iZettle who saw huge success with their first generation Reader payment device - with upgrades including intelligent activation to save energy, more user-friendly and increased security with the removal of old technology such as the magnetic payment strip.

The Brodit iZettle Reader 2 customised active holder is designed to make sure your device stays charged all day with a fully charged battery and is ready-to-use whenever you need it. The perfectly fitted holder begins charging your device automatically as soon as its put into the holder.

Built to last, the holder is made of high-grade ABS plastic, which means it can withstand variable conditions and environments so you be sure the holder lasts as long or longer than your device.

The iZettle Reader 2 customised active charging holder is available in two options:

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