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Apple introduced its iPhone 12 models in October 2020, as the Apple iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max that now all include MagSafe Charging.

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The magnet technology was initially for the breakaway magnetic charging cables designed for the first MacBooks. Now, the tech and name have reinvigorated as the magnet-based charging puck intended for the Apple Watch and iPhone. MagSafe uses a ring of magnets to connect and snap to the back of the phone, which also has magnets built inside the case, so it stays firmly in place whilst charging.

Mounting your iPhone 12 with MagSafe has never been easier. The Apple MagSafe Charger is now compatible with the quality and durability of the Brodit ProClip mounts. When paired with a Brodit ProClip vehicle mount, the iPhone Holder for MagSafe Charger provides one of the sturdiest and best MagSafe iPhone mounts for your car, van or truck.

Easily attach your phone for fast wireless charging in your car when you are on the go by quickly snapping your Apple MagSafe Charger (not included) into the ProClip iPhone Holder. Then, connect the MagSafe Charger's USB-C cable to the cig charging adapter (included) to get up to 15W of charging power whilst your iPhone is docked and safely within view.

Held securely in place in an upright position, the holder also includes a tilt swivel, tilting 17° and rotating 360°, so you can easily adjust your iPhone's angle and switch back and forth from portrait to landscape. Neat, discreet and convenient, push the iPhone in place, and you will stay charged with no more fumbling around for your phone or cables.

iPhone Holders for MagSafe Charging

Item #216175

  • The holder can tilt-swivel to angle 17 degrees and rotate 360 degrees
  • Rotate to use iPhone in portrait or landscape mode
  • Quickly dock and undock your iPhone with one hand
  • MagSafe iPhone 12 holder securely attaches to any ProClip car dashboard and console mount
  • Keeps your iPhone mounted safely in place while driving



With six different mounting options to choose from across all four iPhone 12 models, Brodit has the right solution for your new iPhone with Apple MagSafe Charging. 

Using the MagSafe Charger with older iPhones is possible but not recommended since charging is slower than with the 7.5W Qi-based chargers. In addition, charging appears to be capped at around 5W with the MagSafe Charger when paired with older devices and when using a standard Qi charger.

*Please note, Apple MagSafe Charger is NOT INCLUDED

Also Suitable for:

For Apple iPhone 12 in all countries.

For Apple iPhone 12 Mini in all countries.

For Apple iPhone 12 Pro in all countries.

For Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in all countries.

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