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The upcoming iOS 15 focuses heavily on privacy and Apple's commitment to let you control what you want to share. New privacy features highlight the forthcoming iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8, released later this year in Autumn 2021.

Maps Improved - which is essential if you use your iPhone for navigation as many of us do. With 3D views of cities, you'll also see important features such as bike lanes, crosswalks and buildings in greater detail - important whilst driving and navigating unknown areas.

Mail Privacy Protection - Stop email senders from collecting information about you from Apple Mail and prevent senders from knowing when you have opened an email by masking your IP address to not link to other online activity or your location.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention - Helps protect Safari web browsers' from unwanted tracking by hiding your IP address, meaning it cannot be used as a unique identifier to connect activity across websites and build a targetted profile on you.

App Privacy Report - See how often apps access your location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts during the past seven days.

Process Audio of Siri Requests on Device - Process of your audio requests to Apple's Siri will be directly on your iPhone or iPad by default. Instead of the audio being sent to a remote service and then kept for other purposes such as marketing, like Amazon's Alexa devices already do.

Security concerns are an ongoing issue; with technology continuing to advance and our interdependency with it increases. Apple's new features highlight that measures can be put in place to keep our information safe! Keep your eye out for the latest upgrade coming to your iPhone later this year.

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