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Brodit supports legacy workforce ultra-rugged communications PDA Honeywell Dolphin 99EX with in-vehicle charging solutions.



Honeywell introduced the Dolphin 99EX in 2011 as the new addition to their series of "flashlight" style handheld PDA devices. The 99EX was specifically designed for transportation and logistics applications, user-friendliness, good ergonomics, and with the wireless technology users might need for the job, as well as high-performance data capture capabilities.

Purpose-built for transportation and logistics applications, the device is also tough and durable enough to be used on everything from a loading dock to door-to-door residential deliveries.

As a workforce tool, the Dolphin 99EX is a device you are continuously using when on-the-go therefore need the customised Brodit active charging holders are the ideal product to keep your device’s battery topped up and the device secure.

Designed with extreme durability, the Dolphin 99EX is tough and will withstand changing environments and rigorous use, just like our Brodit Active Holders — built with the highest-grade materials to withstand continual use and temperature fluctuations.

The in-vehicle active holder keeps your device docked, charged and within reach for grab-and-go accessibility and the tilt swivel clip allows for easy quick adjustments to avoid light reflection on the screen of the device.

The Brodit Active holder with cig-plug (Item # 530257) or Active holder for Fixed Installation (Item # 532257) are available to order today!

Also suitable for:

  • Honeywell Dolphin 99EX in all countries.

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