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In case you didn't know, Samsung has a range of "rugged" phones and they have done it again with yet another phone under its rugged smartphone lineup, the Samsung Galaxy Cover Pro (SM-G715).


Unlike previous rugged phones from the brand, there are no physical buttons on the front screen except a single selfie camera circular cut out on the top left corner, and on the rear, there are dual cameras.

Compared to previous Samsung rugged phones, the protective casing is less aggressive in terms of looks, making it an excellent choice for even regular users who don't especially require an ultra-rugged device.

The phone is IP68 certified for protection against Water and Dust and can withstand shock due to the thick plastic casing around the device. A 6.3-inch Full HD+ LCD panel is on the front with a 20:9 aspect ratio and has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

One of the most important features is the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro's 4,200mAH battery, and it is replaceable as well. In addition, the phone's system runs on Android 10 with OneUI 2.0 on top, and the phone is 10mm thick and weighs around 200 grams.

Keep your rugged Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro safe and secure in a Brodit holder, and always have it easily within reach and sight while in your vehicle.

The Active holder has a USB cable and cig-plug adaptor with a magnetic tip. It is more accessible than ever to place the device in the holder, even one-handed — and then take it out and take it with you when leaving your vehicle. It's the perfect holder that will keep your device secure, and the holder's high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic will ensure it withstands the test of different environments — hot and cold temperatures or rough or smoother terrain.

The holders are equipped with a tilt swivel - tilt up to 17° and swivel 360° to quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode and AMPS holes for installation.

Attach your Brodit holder to either a ProClip or a Pedestal Mount, and you are on your way.


Available for order:

Passive holder item #711178
Active holder with USB-cable and cig-plug adapter item #721178
Active holder for fixed installation item #727178
Active holder with USB-cable and cig-plug adapter. With magnetic tip item #721179
Active holder for fixed installation. With magnetic tip item #727179


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For Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715 in all countries.

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