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The new Apple iPad Pro 2020 is the best mobile tablet that can now get real work done.

When the iPad Pro came out in 2018, the wow factor was the stunning design featuring a large screen, Face ID and squared-off sides. The new 2020 iPad Pro 12.9in is just as visually impressive with a significantly improved battery life, visually beautiful screen resolution, optional 4G, USB-C, better speakers, mouse support, and the capability to work as a PC replacement.

Apple says that the iPad Pro is as or more powerful than many full-blown computers, allowing you to efficiently perform all of your tasks without needing to switch over your work. The battery power has also been improved since the 2018 model and now manages more than eight hours of constant work between charges; enough for a day's work or watching videos — perfect for a long commute or a car journey with the kids!

Also, an important and impressive note is that the iPad Pro uses 100% recycled tin in the solder of its mainboard, flash and wireless charger and at least 35% recycled plastic used in multiple components. Apple is also now using renewable energy for the final assembly of the machine and entirely breaks down the tablet's environmental impact in its report. There is also a trade-in offer and free recycling schemes that include non-Apple products as well.

The most significant new hardware addition to the iPad Pro for 2020 is the new dual-camera setup, similar to the iPhone 11. As well, the front-facing 7-megapixel camera is excellent for video calls — much better than those fitted to Apple's laptops. 

The best software changes come as part of iPadOS 13.4, which makes the iPad Pro more of a complete computer replacement — without resorting to finishing your work on a PC, you can finally get every part of your work done on just the tablet alone.

The Apple IPad Pro is the perfect accessory for a professional and the family. Therefore, it is crucial to have a safe and secure way to mount it with any portable device within your vehicle.

The Brodit customised holder will hold the device securely while inside the vehicle and keep it within reach for safety and convenience. Easy to slide into place and is available with or without charging, lock and keys for extra security or a spring stud locking.

All the holders are equipped with a tilt of 17° and a swivel of 360° to ensure easy adjustments for better viewing. Made from high-grade Acetal/ABS plastic with AMBS holes, attach onto a Headrest mount or Pedestal mount, and you're ready-to-go!

Available for order:

Item no. Product description
711095 Passive holder with tilt swivel for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020
721095 Active holder with cig-plug for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020
727095 Active holder for fixed installation for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020
752095 Active holder with USB-cable and cig-plug adapter, with lock and keys for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020 
736095 Active holder for fixed installation, with lock and keys for Apple iPad Pro 12.9
753095 Active holder with USB-cable and cig-plug adapter, with spring stud locking for Apple iPad Pro 12.9
747095 Active holder for fixed installation, with spring stud locking for Apple iPad Pro 12.9


Also Suitable for:
For Apple iPad Pro 12,9 2018 (A1876, A1895, A1983, A2014) in all countries.
For Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020 (A2069, A2232, A2229) in all countries.

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