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It is the end of an era for a lot of motorists on UK roads. Ford of Europe President, Martin Sander, has said announced that “it’s time to say goodbye to the little car that has touched us all – thanks for all the memories.” As he pays tribute to the longevity of the greatly loved hatchback mini and confirms that the car manufacturer will axe the model from its line up in June 2023.

The Fiesta is one of the UK’s best-selling vehicles, turning over almost five million units during the 46-year lifespan of the reliable model. Upon hearing the news, many recount how their first time driving was in an MK1 or MK VI Fiesta and feel melancholic at the thought of no more models being produced for other generations to experience their ‘first drive’, ‘first road trip’, ‘first carpool’ and many more ‘first’ memories.

Brodit UK have been providing ProClip car mounts and car phone holders for a variety of Ford Fiesta owners. With ProClips available to Fiesta models dating back to 1996, it is safe to say that we will miss providing durable and reliable ProClip mounts to old timer Fiesta’s, along with the last few newcomer MK VII Ford Fiesta Model’s.

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Below you can find a variety of ProClip car mounts that are suitable for you and your beloved Ford Fiesta.

  • Ford Fiesta Centre Mount 1996- 2001: 652293

  • Ford Fiesta Console Mount 1996-2001: 630510

  • Ford Fiesta Angled Mount Low 2006-2008: 653724

  • Ford Fiesta Angled Mount High 2006-2008: 653730

  • Ford Fiesta Centre Mount 2006-2008: 653731

  • Ford Fiesta Angled Mount 2009-2017: 654252

  • Ford Fiesta Right Mount 2009-2017: 604253

  • Ford Fiesta Angled Mount 2018-2023: 655327

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