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A well-organised workspace can often lead to a more efficient and productive day, primarily if you work in a busy kitchen that relies on fast, reliable equipment to aid you to meet the customer's expectations. For example, having your printer mounted securely in your food preparation area will ensure that it is out of the way but in easy sight and reach.

Brodit offers a range of printer mounts for devices like the Zebra ZD410, the smallest but highly durable printer in its class, withstanding harsh kitchen environments whilst being fast, dependable and fitting almost anywhere.

The Brodit holders for the Zebra ZD410 offer an easy and secure way to mount your device. Combining functionality and convenience, the Brodit holder, along with a Pedestal Mount or high-strength ProClip mounting platform, allow for easy moving between locations using the MultiMoveClip and always with a perfect custom firm fit.

Item no. Product description
216006 Passive holder with MultiMoveClip
216007 Passive holder with tilt swivel with MultiMoveClip


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