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Model S

The Tesla Model S is the equivalent to that of a “home away from home”. From its sleek and minimalistic interior that will make you feel comfortable, to an exterior that is designed for efficiency, speed, endurance and range. This battery powered car has the strength to change how you view all electric cars now and in the future.

Tesla have provided customers with a choice of two Model S vehicles – the original Model S, and the Model S Plaid. Both vehicles are very similar but have minor refinements that make them suitable for anyone!

You are able to enjoy a cinematic experience with passengers by being able to connect gaming, movies and even YouTube videos!


Model 3

This dual motor all-wheel drive makes it easy for Tesla Model 3 owners to maintain and increases the durability of their car.

Like the Model S, the Tesla Model 3 is fully electric which means you will never have to pull up to a fuel station ever again. Charging can be done overnight in the comfort of your own home, keeping your car charged and ready to go once you get your day started.

Autonomous features have increased the future of driving with the Tesla Model 3 – with features designed to assist you with parking, lane switching and visual processing.

Additionally, an extra feature includes using the power of technology to lock and start your Model 3, and a 15-inch touchscreen infotainment centre to give you – the driver – access to all controls.


Model X

The Model X is the highest performing SUV in the market with close competitors such as the Audi E-Tron and the Jaguar I-Pace, right behind it.

The Model X is the perfect family car, it features ample space and storage for towing and is built for maximum utility. The futuristic design of the Falcon Wings on the rear doors allow for you to easily load any gear wherever you go.


Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is “built around the driver”! The seats are elevated with a low dash positioning so that the driver can see the road clearly with zero to no distractions. The all-glass rooftop allows for the driver to feel openness and heightened space in the car –alongside a picturesque sky view.

The Tesla Model Y has far better handling, traction and stability controlwhen on the road. No matter how long the drive – you are capable to drive in any weather condition whether it is raining, snowing muddy or just an off-road surface.


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