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After searching for the best mount for their iPhone in a Lamborghini Huracan, we recently had a customer find and purchase the Brodit ProClip 655555. We advised him on the best solution for him and his Scosche holder. 

Brodit ProClip mounts are vehicle specific, which means they can fit the car perfectly. Made of high-grade ABS/Acetal plastic, the ProClip is easy to install; you snap it into place within one minute, where it fits into gaps in the interior with no need for drilling or use of special tools. When fit in place, the mount makes a flat plastic plate ready for the second part, the Brodit holder, to be attached. 

In this customer's case, they wanted to use a device mount from Scosche (these must be purchased separately and not available from Fortunately, the Brodit ProClip mounts can also be used with 3rd party device mounts.

The customer used the Brodit Scosche accessories to fit the Scosche mount, which securely attaches the Scosche mount to the Brodit ProClip, which is also customised to fit the Scosche device mount perfectly. The Brodit Scosche mounting accessories mean the mount has the same Brodit holder featured tilt swivel that allows the mount to be adjusted up to 20° in every direction for the best view of your device.

The customer was pleased with the finished product, claiming that "it is excellent and fits really, really well." 

Below is an actual image from our customer's Lamborghini Huracan with the Brodit ProClip mount, Brodit Scosche mounting accessories and Scosche holder.


Item no. Product description
655555 ProClip Angled mount for Lamborghini Huracan 2016-20
216069 Mount with tilt swivel for Scosche Magic Mount Charge


Also Suitable for:
For Lamborghini Huracan in all countries.
For Scosche Magic Mount Charge in all countries.

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