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Brodit have produced a car phone holder that is designed to fit your specified Apple iPhone 13.

The Apple iPhone 13 Series is the latest flagship of mobile devices released by Apple. They include the Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It features a fast performance and power efficiency with A15 Bionic, longer battery life and a brighter XDR display so that the display on your screen is clearer to see.

The Brodit car phone holder is specifically designed for the most accurate fit of your Apple iPhone 13 Series device. The car phone holder offers a neat design to keep the aesthetics of your car looking clean and keeps your dashboard less cluttered.

The car phone holder pairs perfectly with the iPhone 13’s bright XDR display feature and deflects any reflection by being able to tilt 17° and swivel 360° in any direction.

Additionally, the car phone holder for the Apple iPhone 13 leaves no damages to your dashboard should you want to replace your phone holder or car ProClip mount. These come specifically designed for your vehicle and can be found using the vehicle search option.

One way the Brodit car phone holder for Apple iPhone 13 comes is in a standard non-charging format for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and it also comes in a standard non-charging format for the iPhone 13 Mini. This way your car phone holder is secured in place, it is in line with your point of view, and it allows you to use your own charging lead if you ever need to charge your phone.

Or, choose a car phone holder for Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Mini with built-in charging that comes paired with a super-fast USB-A-cable and car charger adapter.

The Apple MagSafe

Brodit also provides MagSafe charger mounts that are custom made for Apple iPhones compatible with MagSafe. The mount is great for keeping your phone battery full at all times.

With its discreet and minimal design, the Brodit MagSafe mount is the perfect puzzle piece for your car. It fits conveniently into your dashboard leaving no damage behind, and is custom made with a perfect and firm fit for your MagSafe.

Brodit Apple MagSafe mounts come in two formats. A standard MagSafe car mount that securely stays on your dashboard and helps to keep your phone upright for optimum signal.

Or a car mount with 17° tilt and 360° swivel in any direction, to give you a better and safe view of your directions when driving.

(Please Note! The Apple iPhone MagSafe charger is not included).

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