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Having the right equipment can make a big difference in staff performance and your company's overall operation, and having the proper setup and tools will save you cost and time and effort.

Whether you work in retail, the public sector, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing or fieldwork, having the right equipment to perform specific tasks facilitates your team to function at their most efficient pace, boosting overall production and optimising performance. 

Alternatively, even the best employees will have reduced performance if the tools available are not functional to the job at hand.

Brodit Enterprise Solutions

Brodit is a market leader in designing and manufacturing device-specific cradles for over 30 years and has solutions for leading device manufacturers, including ZebraHoneywellPanasonic and Samsung.

Printers and Scanners

Mobile Printers from Zebra increase productivity and enable your employees to work on the go. Whether working in the warehouse, retail environment or the field, the Zebra range of printers enable workplace mobility, allowing you to print labels, receipts and documents whenever needed — ideal for demanding and rugged environments with heavy use.

The ultra-rugged Zebra scanners have excellent performance, reliability, and management features, no matter what type of data you capture. The dependable, fast and accurate scanners take the quality of its products and customer services to the next level.

With 30 per cent more working range, the Zebra DS3608DS3678LI3608LI3678 make it easy to capture barcodes farther away or under the shrink wrap, damaged, dirty or poorly printed. 

The highly successful Zebra MC3300 Series is a lightweight, versatile, key-based Android handheld computer in the warehouse, back of the store or the manufacturing floor. Following the MC3300 Series, the next generation Zebra MC3200 Mobile Computer has even more options to meet your needs with a choice of the most advanced 1D laser or 1D/2D imager scan engine lets workers capture barcodes in any condition. 

The popular MC9000 Series has over three million mobile computers streamlining processes in warehouses and manufacturing points worldwide. The Zebra MC9300 ultra-rugged mobile touch computer meets customers' demand for faster than ever service and is the most trusted Android enterprise mobile computer.

Choosing the right equipment not only increases the productivity of your workplace but will also benefit the customer, with a knock-on effect for the entire company. Brodit offers a wide range of equipment that will help make the operations of your warehouse, office or workplace function better.


Eliminate friction at checkout and improve customer interactions. Whether you're a food truck trader or work on a busy retail floor, having the proper mobile computer or payment terminal is essential to keep the devices in with a mount and holder. 

Public Sector

Improve operational efficiency by pairing your rugged device with a high-quality device holder and mount that will withstand the trials of the day. Brodit offers a range of solutions such as mounts and holders for a range of workforce devices and bespoke solutions. 

Warehouse and Transportation

Picking, packing and sorting to proof of delivery — optimise your workflow at every level with the best equipment to support your mobile computers. Keep your scanners, printers, mobile computers and tablets securely organised and within easy sight and reach. 


Built to be rugged with repeated bumps and frequent exposure, keep your mobile computers and tablets charged and mounted for when you need them most.


Optimise field time and achieve optimal capacity across multiple manufacturing facilities with a secure setup that will ensure your technical mobile devices are safe and in place for when you need them.

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