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In the beginning…

Swedish brand, Brodit’s goal is to make it easier for drivers globally to have a safe place to keep their mobile devices at all times. In 1983 when Swedish taxi driver, Ebbe Johansson, had realised that he had no where safe to place his brand-new receiver mobile device, an idea was created on a simple notion that he would be able to keep his phone in a location where he would be frantically looking for it after the drive.

Ebbe began by bending some strong plastic and attaching it to his dashboard with ease and no damage. The receiver was put in a place where it would have been safe, and firmly in place. He iso designed it so that it wouldn’t block his view whilst he was out and about picking people up and driving around day.

This innovative idea led Ebbe’s colleagues to become intrigued with the idea and before he knew it, Brodit was founded due to high demand of the ProClip within the taxi driving industry and currently exports to over 30 countries globally including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Dubai and many more!


Not only was this solution a large success but before successfully retiring, Ebbe was able to extend the range and Brodit now sells car phone holders that go perfectly with the Brodit ProClip Mounts.

 So how does it work?

The Brodit ProClip was a great invention, but it was soon realised that not all solutions fit certain car models. In order to make them accessible to everyone the vehicle specific search was created to give customers like you an easy choice. This way you are able to pick the specific vehicle make that you have, as well as have the freedom to choose where in your car it could be positioned.


The Brodit Car Phone Holder completes the solution. Using the device search, you are able to choose which mobile phone or technological device brand you own, distinguish which model you have and be prepared to see a variety of phone holders available for you to pick from.

The holders are made to fit your needs, whether you need a non-charging phone holder that keeps your phone in place whilst you drive. Or whether you want to keep your battery fully charged with a Brodit car phone holder with built-in charging, you are bound to find something that you enjoy and make practical use of.


Brodit ProClips and phone Holders are as reliable as can be! They are both durable and only need to be replaced if you change your vehicle or change your mobile device.


Mobile phones aren’t the cheapest investments. Back when Ebbe had created the Brodit ProClip and car phone holder solutions, he had a phone that wasn’t as advanced with a slim design, and definitely wasn’t touch screen.

Currently, Brodit customers need phone holders that are made for phones with and without protective phone cases. This is where adjustable holders come in play – you are able to keep your mobile device in your protective phone case, making holder installation easy and hassle free. Adjustable holders come in a non-charging format and come with built-in charging for your specific device.  You are also able to choose from an adjustable Qi Wireless holder that will charge your device no matter the brand or make!


Just measure the height and thickness of your device with or without a case to fit the holder specifications.

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