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Volkswagen have debuted the 2022 Multivan T7, it offers drivers more versatility and insane eHybrid power!

This Volkswagen Transporter will be a steppingstone for all Multivan’s in the future. The hybrid powertrain that it offers will allow green conscious owners to become a part of a changing society that cares for its planet.

The Volkswagen T7 Multivan features a luxury interior that allows for passengers to lounge comfortably and allows for the single rear seats to adjust 180° to face the back row. You are also able to remove the seats and create a more minimalistic living space in the T7 Multivan. This is great for long commutes and a camping trip.

The Brodit ProClip for the T7 is just the right accessory that you need to make your T7 complete. They are vehicle specific and can be found using our vehicle search, just follow all of the directions to find a Brodit ProClip for your Volkswagen T7.

The ProClip fits perfectly with Brodit car phone holders, these can be found using our extensive device search.

Our ProClips are made with high grade ABS plastic, that is durable and very easy to install into your Volkswagen T7 with no damage caused to your dashboard. The ProClip comes in sleek black so that it can match the interior of your Volkswagen T7 and blend in seamlessly with the touchscreen media/entertainment centre.

There are two available Brodit ProClip mounts for the Volkswagen T7 Multivan. The first is a ProClip Centre mount. You are able to attach a Brodit holder onto the mount and have your mobile phone or preferred device in a stable and safe position.

You are able to easily access your phone using hands free feature and you are able to follow any directions during your travels.

You can also enjoy a Brodit ProClip Right mount. You are able to keep your phone in a comfortable position that won’t compromise or obstruct your view.

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