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Find a reliable and secure Brodit ProClip Mount for your Tesla Model S today!

The Tesla Model S has surpassed a variety of car brand and models! With innovative manufacturing designs from the enormous sunroof to the front trunk (frunk) – allowing you to fit in relatively large items than a normal hatch back would.

This beast of a vehicle is designed with the future in mind. Providing you with full self-driving capabilities and an interior designed to keep you entertained and focused via an enormous 17” interactive touch screen infotainment system.

The Brodit ProClip right car mount (product code 605732) is the only extra that you need for the Tesla Model S. The ProClip is made from a black, sleek, high grade ABS/Acetal plastic; not only does it perfectly co-ordinate with the sleek interior of the Tesla Model S, but it also perfectly blends in with any car aesthetic that you made choose to have. 

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The ProClip mount will fit perfectly with any Brodit car phone holder, allowing you to keep your devices in a safe and comfortable position. This will allow you to keep your phone in one position, without worrying about misplacing it before you set of for a drive. Brodit car phone holders are device specific and can be found using the device search.

If you ever need to upgrade the device that you own, you will be able to install the Brodit ProClip car mount without the need to constantly upgrade it. All you will need to do is change the car phone holder so that it is a perfect fit for your device.

You will also find that it will be easier to use the handsfree option on your mobile phone or navigation phone as it will be within voice activation reach. Allowing you to drive safely with no technological distractions.

The Brodit ProClip is easy to install and will not cause any damage to your Tesla Model S dashboard. Allowing you to independently install your ProClip with the need for any drilling or specialised tools.

Brodit ProClip mounts for Tesla Model S are available on special order, and lead times from the manufacturer is 7-10 days.

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