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Brodit have released an array of ProClip mounts for the Fiat Ducato!

Made with the thought of commercial use in mind, the Fiat Ducato offers its drivers the chance to remain connected with their daily tasks with the use of advanced technology. The centred infotainment section offers a safe way to use your devices handsfree with a navigation system and advanced voice assistance for mobile interaction.

The van features a game changing keyless entry so that you won’t have to worry about carrying an actual key around. 

Brodit ProClip mounts allow for you mobile phone or navigation device to be positioned safely in your Fiat Ducato, keeping it comfortably and firmly in place. You will no longer have to worry about losing your mobile phone or misplacing it constantly.

The ProClip mounts are made especially for your Fiat Ducato, ensuring that they fit perfectly in place. The ProClip mounts come available in multiple positions. You can get yourself a ProClip right mount (product code 605753).

Or you can get a ProClip centre mount (product code 655752) if you prefer your mobile phone or navigation device to be in a more centred position in your vehicle.

Brodit ProClip phone mounts are made to pair perfectly with the Brodit car phone holder, these are device specific and can be easily upgraded when you buy yourself a new device. You can find these using the Brodit device search.

The mount is easy to install and can be done within minutes! You just simply snap the ProClip into place in the interior of your car. There is no need to dismantle your dashboard or use any special tools, every step of the installation process is made specifically for your ease and comfort.

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The Brodit ProClip is made from a strong ABS/Acetal plastic that comes in the colour black; it is discreet and blends in aesthetically with the interior of your Fiat Ducato.

Brodit ProClip mounts are available on special order, and lead times from manufacturer is 7-10 days.

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