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Brodit has designed an all-new tablet mounting solution to maximise connectivity and protection: ModTek.

ModTek consists of a Hard Case, which is purpose built for each tablet, and a Dock. The Dock is partnered with the appropriate mounting solution (e.g. for forklifts, vehicle dashboards, countertops etc) and fitted securely.

The Hard Case has been purpose-built for each tablet.

All ModTek Hard Cases fit with the ModTek Dock, this means that there is no need to change the dock when the tablet is changed. Replace the Hard Case for the new tablet and slot it into the Dock.


ModTek Hard Case

The all-new ModTek Hard Case has been developed to change the way tablets are mounted as well as protected.

As the ModTek Hard Case is universally compatible with the ModTek Dock, when the tablet is changed the dock can remain the same. All you need is a new Hard Case to fit the new tablet. As the Hard Case has been designed for the Dock, the tablet can be docked and undocked quickly with one hand and ergonomic finger wells in the case have been designed for a comfortable grip when moving or holding the tablet. For extra security and safety when the tablet is being held, a padded and durable Brodit hand strap accessory can be easily attached to the case.

Although the ModTek Hard Case has been designed to be rugged and has received military-standard testing for thermal shock, forklift vibration, 20,000 USB-C insertions and a 6ft concrete drop test, the practicality and functionality has not been deprioritised. All cameras, buttons and ports on the tablet can still be accessed including the tablet’s USB-C port.

ModTek Dock

ModTek is a Brodit solution for better tablet mounting. A high standard design is matched with high-quality production methods to create a tablet mounting solution built for every workplace.

As the ModTek Dock and Hard Case are universally compatible, there is only a need to purchase the Dock once, as the Hard Case can be changed when a new tablet is purchased/used.

Thanks to the quick release dial and raised mounting points built into the dock, your tablet in the ModTek hard case can be docked and undocked quickly with one hand. As the ModTek Hard Case and Dock solution has been hand-tested with 20,000 insertions, you can be confident in the robustness of the mounting of your tablet.

USB-C connectivity is the industry standard for mobile devices. Although pogo-pins are used, they can be susceptible to dust, dirt, moisture and bending whereas the protected USB-C 3.1 port on the ModTek Dock has been tested rigorously for purpose. ModTek enables connections up to 5Gbps for data transfer with backwards compatibility to USB 2.0 devices, whilst simultaneously charging the device.

From vehicle cabins to warehouses, health and retail settings; ModTek is an adaptable and robust solution to meet diverse needs. As the ModTek solution is within the Brodit world, the mount can be easily mounted on existing arms with AMPS and VESA 75 counter-sunk hole patterns.

For businesses who use barcode scanners, dashcams, payment terminals or others, the Expansion hub can be added as an accessory to the ModTek Dock- which adds three additional USB-A ports to connect these external devices. The expansion hub supports up to 100W of power delivery to pass through for external devices and the tablet itself. The cover is designed for cable retention so peripheral devices do not shake loose whilst being used. To adapt to different sectors and uses, ModTek Dock has three power source options and can be hard-wired, use a wall mount adaptor or connect through a Cig-plug for in-vehicle use. All three of these options come with USB-C and USB-A ports.

For extra security with your tablet mounting solution, a key lock can be installed. The key lock comes with two keys and can be easily fitted without the need for a professional installation.

If you would like more information about ModTek and how it can be a tool for your business, get in touch with us.

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